Wiring Diagrams

Charismac controller interface options also include wired to provide a solution to an installation where Cat5 wires exist currently. Traditional style wired networking is used for connecting a group of sensors via an RS485 network. Standard Cat5e wire can be used to connect each network node.

Charismac then uses this configuration for network communication and individual node identification. A daisy chain topology is used to create a network where communications can be established for all connected devices. The chain starts at the controller and then daisy chains to the next node and to the next until the end node is reached and the chain terminated with a jumper resident on the node.

The Charismac wired sensor networking solutions available for Industrial and commercial devices utilize EIA 485 communications interfaces (also known as RS-485), which cannot be directly connected to a typical computer RJ-45 Ethernet port. The RS485 connection is an industrial control interface used where robust connection is required.


• Fully isolated ground and signal lines

• Single RS485 channel

• Excellent line noise immunity Cable lengths up to 4000 feet

• RS485 Mode: Up to 32 stations on same "twisted-pair" network

• Line driver control: Direct control of line drivers through RTS


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