CharisMac Controllers


The Charismac series of controllers seamlessly function using advanced bi-directional high-speed digital communications software protocols over several different interfaces. With over 50 accumulated man-years of software experience in the electronic industry all aspects of the system work in concert with each other to ensure error free operation. When data is received without errors by a target node, the controller’s advanced software sends acknowledgement that these data packets were received. Data that is not acknowledged remains within each Charismac network node's flash memory for re-transmission error recovery. Data is time-stamped by each network node at the time of transmission. Programming is resident on the controller and stored in case power failure occurs.


All Charismac controller-programming protocols enable highly reliable data collection incorporating scalable networks of wireless or wired topologies. Uses remote monitoring/programming, reliable 24/7 operation, Digital sensor logging, lighting control and a myriad of other uses. Under most operating conditions users will enjoy 100% error free usage. Critical uses and experiments, that may be difficult to install or set-up, can benefit from controller reliability. When the wireless "data connection" between sensor nodes and the controller may be temporarily lost, advanced error checking enable full data recovery.


Charismac has taken a Software based approach to smart sensor nodes and wireless controllers. Being a software company features and customer satisfaction is paramount in our solutions. In focusing around software changes any features are easily implemented and can be field updated. In most cases if you don't see the feature you would like or need to do something specific and we can make that task easier don't hesitate to email or call our support center and state your concern so we can add it.