Question – what lights will work on the LightValet?

Answer – Depending on the style light you have will determine the specific Charismac lightvalet interface board you require. For Plasma Lighting Charismac offers a lightvalet interface solution, which is powered, directly from the Plasma Light itself. Other style lights like older CFL(compact flourescent) lights can’t be dimmed and don’t have any microprocessor electronics so all you can do with these lights is turn them on or off. LED lights as well as Induction lighting technology do have microprocessors and electronics built in and therefore can be dimmed. Lighting which can be dimmed opens a huge feature set of the LightValet Software which enables total control of the lights abilities and usage.

Question – How does the interface board mount and interface to my light?

Answer – Mounting of the light interface is specific to the style light you have. If lights are mounted fully exposed then you will need a finished enclosure, which will be visually pleasing to the eye. In the case of Plasma the light interface would mount to the side of the lights housing and wire into the interface through a watertight seal. If the light is to be hidden in a ceiling then a standard commercial Cantex electrical enclosure is utilized which accepts different conduit sizes and configurations. The light interface was designed to be as flexible as possible and work with any lights old or new.

Question – What is required to program the controller on my iPhone?

Answer - Each controller incorporates a single port RJ-45 connector on the side of the housing. Plug any Internet router or intranet hub connection into this connection and then configure the IP settings of the iPhone app with the controllers network Mac Address#.

Question – Can I remotely monitor parameters of my installation?

Answer - Yes, with an Internet connection any of the Charismac controllers can remotely display their status. Each controller has embedded a webserver so even if you don’t have an iPhone or other smartphone we support you can still use the embedded control. There is no other product in the market which will let you program each individual plug to do cycle timer or traditional clock timer or trigger timer based on temperature, humidity.

GroValet and GroValet Pro

Question - Will the GroValet or GroValet Pro environmental controller be able to control everything in my greenhouse?

Answer - Yes, with the programmable plug technology the GroValet has embedded in the controller any plug can be setup to do anything. There is no other product in the market which will let you program each individual plug to do cycle timer or traditional clock timer or trigger timer based on temperature, humidity, C02, light or dark or any combination of the two. The GroValet controller(s) are flexible enough to control irrigation pumps, lights, C02, fans, Air Conditioners, humidifiers/dehumidifiers, vents, shutters or literally any other 120vac device.

Question – Do I have to run all plugs and wires back to the controller?

Answer - No, GroValet controller(s) are super flexible and can remotely manage virtually any 120vac device. Early in design users told us about the nightmare of wires running back to the controller which created a huge mess. Power consumption was also another huge problem with everything running out of the controllers box. It’s the cheap way to do things and limits what you can do. It’s much better to have a flexible system such as the GroValet so if breakers are popping in your subpanel you have the option of putting one of the plug outlets in a separate wall circuit. Simply plug the 120vac plug into another wall outlet on a separate circuit and problem instantly solved.

Question - Does GroValet or GroValet Pro control C02 application in my greenhouse?

Answer - Yes, both the GroValet and GroValet Pro has state of the art C02 sensors built inside the controller. Both the GroValet and GroValet Pro also have advanced features and technology specific to C02, which no other greenhouse controller has. On plug #1 of the both units there is an electronic circuit so should the controller fail either by Software or hardware then unit will immediately turn off C02. Additional Software features are also added for protection of accidently emptying a tank of C02 through misapplication or through no fault of the user. The user has the ability to also set a run threshold so if C02 PPM does not increase by a user set PPM amount over a user set period of time then the C02 will shut off and display "error".

Question - Does GroValet or GroValet Pro utilize Digital sensors?

Answer - Yes, both the GroValet and GroValet Pro have state of the art digital C02, temperature and humidity sensors housed inside the controller. Digital sensors provide high precision accuracy and factory calibrated baseband settings.

RoboDoser nutrient doser

Question - Will the RoboDoser Nutrient doser automatically be able to control all the Nutrients in my greenhouse?

Answer - No, the RoboDoser is designed to keep accurate amounts and then apply those amounts every growing cycle based on a weekly Nutrient schedule. The Nutrient amount per week is programmed into the controller and the water tank size is also input then the controller makes all the weekly calculations.

Question - Will the type of Nutrient hurt the delivery ¼” tubing which is included with the RoboDoser?

Answer - No, the RoboDoser is designed to use the most caustic of liquids. We specified Acid in our design as the worst case scenario to determine the material used for the ¼” tubing.

Question – If I use a thicker Nutrient will the RoboDoser still work?

Answer – The answer to this question is quite possibly it will work. Each Nutirent has a different viscosity and thickness. We have thought about this and developed a Software function which can calibrate the pump to run for a specific time length specified through the calibration process.

Question - Will the RoboDoser Nutrient doser drain my tank remotely and Dose?

Answer - No, not at the moment. Charismac may add support for the RoboDose to measure accurate amount of nutrient solution in tank and then apply appropriate amounts every interval selected by the user.