Parks and Public Spaces

One of the great things wide-open spaces at parks provide our urban areas with is open space. Smart designers consider maximizing the effects of luminaries they install in order to give the most light possible while not obstructing the open space they are lighting up. Using modern lighting systems, users can shine light specifically where it is needed, while leaving other darker, serene areas undisturbed.


With proper planning, outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy the park after dark by using our wireless technology to determine the optimum brightness based on usage reports of traffic along with the astrologic position of the earth. In less frequented areas, the lights can be dimmed progressively lower as the sun sets—allowing for real cost savings while still providing a high level of safety. With our predictive path technology, we can light the way of joggers and bikers and turn off or dim lights when not "in use".

Using our technology, our clients enjoy providing better safety, more open spaces and energy savings for the cities and municipalities that operate these facilities. With the reporting features of our software an adaptive lighting plan can be developed over time as the system logs usage and frequency—this allows for the biggest cost savings.