Public Parking Structures

Public parking structures require around the clock illumination to provide maximum safety to the public. While parking structures are often thought of as dark and dangerous places, new lighting technologies can make parking structures moresafe and more comfortable. Though these changes are entirely necessary, since lighting typically represents the largest part of an operating budget, companies are hesitant to make these changes. There is a way to both make parking structures more safe and cut down on operating expenses.

By using wireless hardware to communicate with mobile or desktop applications, all aspects of a parking structure's lighting system can be managed remotely. Our clients enjoy access to complete control of their lighting system. They can manage scheduling, dimming, and movement sensors all from the palm of their hand. In addition, our software offers money saving settings such as predictive path lighting and motion detection systems. These easy to implement settings cut costs by turning lights on as the user enters into a new light's perimeter and turning lights off when the user leaves the perimeter. Our technology grants users the ability to monitor all settings on a network that ensures worry free operation around the clock.

With our iPhone, iPad, or web server software, users can view the performance of your system, receive alerts if there is a system failure, and view usage trends. Users can even potentially anticipate bulb failure with a handheld device. Through emails and texts, users can receive detailed reporting about the systems operation and cost savings. By analyzing usage trends the data presented to users can be used to modify his or her schedules and tailor their system—ultimately leading to optimized usage and a savings in electricity. As long as you have a cellphone connection or WiFi, you can operate Light Valet wirelessly from anywhere in the world