Office Buildings

Conserving resources is one way to minimize our increasing impact on the planet while helping to reduce the amount of carbon footprint each building produces in the daily servicing. Due to the fact that office buildings account for 40% of all power consumed in the United States, anything done to conserve and reduce consumption goes an astonishingly long way in order to keep that statistic of 40% from increasing.

One of the objectives Charismac hoped to achieve when we set out to design these products was the desire to provide meaningful and powerful tools to control and conserve energy automatically. Charismac’s controller technology employs extensive tracking and logging of system data. This data can provide concrete, real-world numbers in order for meaningful analysis to occur. By watching trends, traffic patterns and meaningful changes in lighting schedules, tens of thousands of dollars can be saved each month for large enterprises. Smart wireless controls provide hands free wireless or wired control over all aspects of complete installation or zones within a commercial building.

By conserving 20-40% of the energy consumed a day, we help absorb the remarkable growth happening at every corner of the globe. This will help cap our consumption of power—thus capping our carbon production. Keeping our carbon output growth is one of our main objectives the can accomplish with our controller technology.