OEM - Custom consulting

CharisMac Engineering provides custom OEM licensing services based upon any single or combination of commercial product offerings currently in development. CharisMac works directly with distributors, manufacturers and technology companies alike to integrate CharisMac technology into OEM products for immediate sales and revenue. Benefits include proven and working high performance solutions consisting of Software and hardware design and a staff of professionals to support product and licensing code development for specifications to run in a truly custom solution.

Software control can be customized to an OEM’s specifications and features can be added specific for custom support. Companies can redesign hardware formatting in order to fit a specific company design path. As an OEM company, your products can look like they were 100% created in house when in fact everything was created outside the organization costing no development dollars.

OEM licensing can be a very cost effective way for a company to instantly become a leading category killer and become a category leader with advanced features, iPhone, iPAD and Webserver support. Advanced software design allows for companies with their own development to accomplish goals they haven't been able to do before because of the technology moat around the work needed. CharisMac can maintain ongoing development support and new product mode while limiting cost exposure with a proven technology from an established Software corporation.

OEM Licensing Options:

  • Proven hardware designs
  • Custom software licenses
  • Retrofits and new installations
  • Modification for custom integrations
  • Custom maintenance and energy use reports
  • Custom enclosure retrofit

CharisMac Engineering Inc. has been a certified Apple developer for over 27 years and a Microsoft Development partner for 20 years.