Manufacturing Facilities

Anyone who says the American industry is dead is not paying attention. Yes, it has changed over the last 40 years, but dead? Not on your life.

Lighting affects industry on many different levels. We are tailoring our features and controls to help the industry control and fine-tune on a micro level the lighting needs of their facilities. Studies suggest that factory output and employee well being can be positively affected by proper and controlled lighting technology. By manipulating the dimming levels of certain types of different lighting, companies can create environments that are more like outside light, or they can manipulate the light spectrum to enhance the performance of manufacturing techniques.

By analyzing the data collected on the lighting system, business owners can use our software to save money and improve the workplace environment by managing the lighting to complement the usage and adjust the light levels to optimize productivity and predict appliance failure. Over time, these reports can be used to create profiles that focus on maximizing usage savings. All of this can be done remotely using the smartphone, tablet or desktop applications.