Industrial Applications

Specific industries in America have different and complex lighting requirements. The environment on an Oil Drilling rig is different from that of the typical warehouse or parking structure. System and installation requirements are just as unique. Using Charismac controllers powered by advanced software incorporating iPhone or iPad functionality, our clients can create custom floor plans and layouts to help visually organize and maintain multiple systems within a structure or complex.

Our systems have the ability to receive updates and revisions wirelessly. This means that as time goes on in an installation, a client may identify a function that the software does not possess. With communication and field-testing, new features can be implemented for each client without the need for as much physical intervention or device contact. This allows effective remote management and implementation, which in turn allows our clients to customize particular features for each specific installation, zone or even down to the node.

Critical features such as logging, reporting and messaging in the event of a special occasion make our technology solution a perfect value for any industry. Not only does it provide safety for employees but it optimizes usage—which translates into energy savings for tomorrow.