Food Production

Charismac is located in the Sierra Foothills near Auburn, California with close proximity to the beautiful Tahoe region. We are also located near the gateway to the Central Valley, globally referred to as the Breadbasket to the world. Today, however, food production is a critical issue facing many rural emerging nations. For some countries, with transportation costs at all time highs, importing tomatoes from the Imperial Valley is not feasible. With advances in the indoor agricultural industries, Aquaculture sustainable self-sufficiency is finally within reach for a growing number of places and people. Famine is a worldwide problem. Our controllers specifically allow these greenhouse operators unparalleled thorough control of the environmental and atmospheric conditions of these facilities.

The team at Charismac is excited to be able to provide advanced products that help make a meaningful difference in the ability of all people to provide sufficient amounts of food to local areas that are seemingly, and sometimes actually, vegetable deserts. In the Middle East, Africa and in the United States, communities are coming together to provide wholesome quality food with local resources year around. As the population of this planet continues to grow at a rapid pace, we as a collective group need to create solutions that provide remedies for this growth in a way that is sustainable year in and year out. As a universal community, we are obligated to provide our children a future that has hope. Local food production is one way to do just that.