RoboDoser is the most comprehensive nutrient dosing controller available for your grow project. RoboDoser provides an easy to use user selectable way to calculate nutrients required based on water tank size. RoboDoser brings the world of automatically introducing nutrient levels and customization to allow you to customize your nutrient regiment and keep a history of nutrient used.

RoboDoser precisely maintains and manages grow nutrient application, effortlessly measure and dispense proven and saved amounts. RoboDoser remembers important change in nutrient adjustment during grow cycle and then saves these for use in the next grow week dosing application. Tune your nutrient feeding and learn over time the exact amount needed to optimize plant uptake. RoboDose allows immediate viewing of nutrient amounts prior to dosing. Nutrient application process is through a very intuitive software interface of adding, subtracting and customizing nutrient dosing parameters. RoboDoser lets you easily setup, customize, calibrate and nutrient dose everything with ease.


Features and Specifications

The RoboDose is engineered to automatically control and remember nutrient application required to completely automate your nutrient application. Easy to configure and install and the ultimate economical solution to automate C02 grow saturation and all atmospheric controls.

Nutrient Pump Control -

  • Simply plug in the RJ45(ethernet style) connector from the Nutrient Pump Array and then prime the pump with selected nutrient.
  • Enter in the user specified amount of each nutrient ml/Gal for specific Gro Week Cycle & per pump and then automate the nutrient application process.
  • The nutrient can be delivered into a pitcher and then manually poured into the water source.
  • Auto Dosing will sequentially run pumps 1-4 or 5-8 and then reset to main screen
  • "Quick Dose" option prompts user to enter amount of water topped off in tank and then auto calculates the precise nutrient amount needed for the amount of water introduced.


Calibration -

Upon pumping nutrient if an adjustment is needed the software allows the user the ability to calibrate ml either Up or Down using buttons on front of RoboDoser to ensure precision dosing.

Auto nutrient calculation based on water tank size and nutrient requirements.

User selectable units of measure for nutrient entry in ml, oz, teaspoon and tablespoon.


Priming and Flushing -

  • Changing nutrients is easy and a snap with software driven functions to continuously run water and any other cleaning agent through the pump to flush nutrient residue for nutrient changing or routine maintenance.
  • Each nutrient pump is independently cleaned or can be ganged in tandem.

Setup -

  • User programmable grow week nutrient customization for each nutrient pump.
  • Select nutrient amount per Grow Week Cycle and it is saved in the controller for use throughout grow cycle.

Advanced Features -

  • Photo sensor turns off all C02 control functions during lights out.
  • Self diagnostic feature quickly determines if features are functioning at power on.
  • Sensor Precision - Temperature: +/- 5, Humidity +/- 5, C02: +/- 10%
  • Green Backlit LCD in order to not disturb grow environment during lights off(darkness).
  • Made of 100% recyclable billet Aircraft grade 6061 Aluminum in the USA.

Warranty - 1 Year parts and Labor