GroValet is the most comprehensive Environmental controller of its kind engineered specific for your greenhouse or indoor grow project. World class Software embedded in the GroValet provides the ultimate in a total user friendly environment control solution for easily managing 4-elements including C02, temperature and two auxiliary devices such as intake/exhaust Fans, Dehumidifier or any other 120vac device. GroValet brings the world of introducing C02 and managing plant uptake and saturation levels and atmospheric points allowing you to focus and customize your growing environment without limitations for personal or professional use.

With GroValet you can reliably oversee and manage your grow parameters, efforlessly control C02 PPM and saturation time and turn on or off two seperate Aux 120Vac devices such as Fans. The GroValet will Sleep during lights out to mimic mother nature and not waste valuable C02 Gas.

GroValet allows immediate viewing of all levels of atmospheric contol through a very intuitive Software interface of adding, subtracting and customizing grow parameters. GroValet lets you customize and calibrate everything with ease.

Features and Specifications

The GroValet has been engineered to control all enviromental atmospheric functions needed to completely automate the grow envirnment including C02 enrichment, temperature, humidity, exhaust fan, hood ventilation, intake fan or irrigation control. Easy to configure and install and the ultimate economical solution to automate C02 grow saturation and all atmospheric controls.

GroValet backlit LCD display cycles through temperature, humidity, C02 PPM to instantly provide users with the exact status of key parameters of the Grow Environment. GroValet will sense and sleep as soon as lights go out and wake up at lights on. Temperature and other non C02 related controls are not effected by sleep mode only the control portion.

Temperature/Humidity Control -

  • Compatible with any standard device operating on 120vAC 15amp including A/C, Humidifier/Dehumidifier.
  • Control temperature by Pre-setting a Digital Value which the control uses to turn off/on A/C and or Humidity equipment.
  • Digitally senses and displays current Temperature and Humidity
  • User calibration mode to customize any differences in grow environment.

C02 & AUX Control -

  • C02 controller compatible with any C02 regulator/generator/burner operating on 120vAC.
  • C02 advanced circuit attempts to shut off C02 should a malfunction occur in software or microprocessor.
  • Anti C02 Tank dump feature lets user select a C02 PPM amount to watch once C02 is on for a given user selectable time.
  • User programmable C02 Cycle timer for the uptmost in taking control over how much and how often C02 is integrated enabled.
  • User selectable C02 Saturation/Duration time to allow plants to "soak up" available C02.
  • Lights out defeat of C02 integration when lights are off or when temperature is not within user parameters.
  • AUX1 Control - (Humidifier, Exhaust Fan, Fresh air fan, Light hood fan)
  • User programmable setting for the uptmost in taking control of Humidifier, fans or any other device.
  • AUX2 Control - (Exhaust Fan, Fresh air fan, Light hood fan, water chiller or irrigation pump)
  • User programmable setting for the uptmost in taking control of Humidifier, fans or any other device

Advanced Features -

  • Photo sensor turns off all C02 control functions during lights out.
  • Self diagnositic feature quickly determines if features are functioning at power on.
  • Sensor Precision - Temperature: +/- 5, Humidity +/- 5, C02: +/- 10%
  • Green Backlit LCD in order to not disturb grow environment during lights off(darkness).
  • Made of 100% recyclable billet Aircraft grade 6061 Aluminum in the USA.

Warranty - 1 Year parts and Labor