Wireless Controller


As techies and users of our own technology Charismac understands the full and enriched lives our customers strive for. Charismac wireless control systems and interface modules help you achieve the highest level of control while operationally remaining seemless, simple and connected. Just deploy your sensors and control modules throughout your install and power up. Charismac’s advanced software will discover all the network nodes and you can zone them or keep them in a single network.

Charismac Wireless Sensor Networks can provide simple control to complex solutions such as building monitoring, commercial green houses, automated liquid application or integration for several applications. Full user control is available anywhere in the world via your smart phone or web browser through the same wireless network control elements. Advanced integration allows the retrofitting of existing installations without the need to re-cable and with minimal disruption or cost.

Once connected you have the options of:

  • Monitor controller parameters in real time
  • Log events for review
  • View Sensor settings and status
  • Easily view programming
  • Program controller settings
  • View indoor humidity
  • Access multiple remote zoned sensors
  • Access multiple locations if more than one system is registered
  • Receive system performance and other alerts via text or email
  • Automatically update to new features once they become available

Dynamically feature updates

The concept of Wireless Programming or commonly reffered to as Programming Over the Air (OTA) like cell phone use has been utilized for past years. Primarily for the overall programming of mobile devices such as cell phones. As a Software company updating the feature set as experience increases is paramount to a robust solution. Charismac is committed to making sure the user experience grows well into the future.

OTA Benefits

  • Enables the upgrade and change of firmware versions without physical access
  • Error recovery for any sensor node which gets stuck
  • Automated nodes discovery
  • Upgrade an entire network in minutes