Web App Enabled

Web App Enabled

The Charismac Webserver software allows users to remotely monitor and manage their controller status as well as programming parameters from anywhere in the world through a web browser and an Internet connection at the controller.

Charismac’s webserver software is inside the controller and runs 100% independant of the main controller microprocessor, all controller systems when used in conjunction with a fulltime Internet connection to the controller will have all the advanced features.

Webserver users can:

  • View a snapshot of controller parameters in real time
  • View Sensor settings and status
  • Easily view programming
  • Program controller settings
  • Access multiple remote zoned sensors
  • Access multiple locations if more than one system is registered
  • Receive system performance and other alerts via text or email
  • Automatically update to new features once they become available

The webserver software is the portal into the total control of your environment from anywhere in the world you have access to any web browser connected to the internet. Advanced software lets users easily view, manage and fully control parameters and then sit back and view results on demand.

Whether a professional, homeowner, business owner the suite of Charismac controllers will tirelessly work for you every day and night all year long.

Charismac is an established software corporation with over 25years of complex development experience. If you see any features you would like added don’t hesitate to contact us for the feature inclusion in a subsequent software version update.