LightValet is the most powerful, upgradeable, comprehensive and flexiblelighting control of its kind. LightValet provides the ultimate tool for automated control, programming, energy savings, organizing and timing over all lighting capabilities in many different markets.

Using advanced embedded software and digital microprocessor technology LightValet constantly monitors lighting in a multitude of different light networks and then instantly displays compiled data for realtime viewing or controlling.

Utilizing wireless sensor node technology LightValet can wirelessly scale to as many as 32 nodes per zone. All wireless nodes communicate with each other in a wireless sensor network and then provide their individual parameters back to controller for logging.

LightValet introduces the world of wired or wireless digital networking into a lighting environment and controls complex automated managment of timers, light levels, individual light status, zoning and light array control allowing you to focus and customize your environment without limitations for industrial, commercial or any professional use.

LightValet will automatically turn off/on lights, mimic sunrise/sunset with user selectable ramp times, create and control lighting profiles to user specified levels. LightValet allows immediate viewing of all lighting control through a very intuitive user interface of adding, subtracting and customizing lighting parameters.

Features and Specifications

The LightValet is engineered to automatically control and monitor light operational status to completely automate the lighting environment. Dynamically discover all llights connected to the controller and verify status, keeping track of usage.

LightValet cycles through user selectable lights and allows user to set dimming profiles in zones or single lights.

Lighting Profiles -

Upon power up, LightValet controller will load factory lighting profiles and then subsequently use these profiles for lighting control by the LightValet. User adjustable embeded Software allows the user to modify light dimming levels either up or down using buttons on front of LightValet. Once changed the dim level will be saved by the controller to the changed value and then used by the controller for controlling the light.

Multiple light profiles can be used for both lights, zones and arrays of lights.

Dimming -

Changing specific dimming level is easy and a snap with powerful Software driven functions. Select either a single light in an array or dim the complete light array with a single command.

Each light can be independently dimmed, status checked or monitored.

Setup -

LightValet controller requires a connection to the first light in network string. Once connected to the light string all lights will be discovered and then are ready for control and status.

Advanced Features -

  • Self diagnositic feature at power on will allow the user to quickly determine if all features are working at 100%.
  • Green Backlit LCD in order to not disturb grow environment.
  • Green manufactured made out of 100% recyclable billet Aluminum in the USA.


     LightValet 4 Brochure

     LightValet 8 Brochure

Warranty - 1 Year parts and Labor