The Charismac series of controllers seamlessly function using advanced bi-directional high-speed digital communications software protocols. With over 50 accumulated man-years of software development experience in the electronic industry all aspects of the system work in concert with each other to ensure error free operation. Charismac software includes error recovery. When data is received without errors by a target node, the controller’s advanced software sends acknowledgement that these data packets were received. Data that is not acknowledged remains within each Charismac network node's flash for error recovery. Data is validated by each node at the time of transmission and then tracked accordingly.

Charismac controller technology can be used in a myriad of different markets. Charismac has developed separate unique software loads with advanced feature sets for each of these targeted markets. We welcome users to contact us with new ways or features in which to use our controller solutions. Typically after a user request a short time later that feature can be found available next visit to our Website.

As a 27 year old software corporation you can purchase with confidence that we have taken the same successful approach to customer service/support we have for over the past two decades.