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Rimage CD/DVD Autoloaders Now Available for Mac OS X Users

BOSTON, MA. - 7/12/05 Rimage Corporation (NASDAQ: RIMG), the world's leading provider of recordable CD and DVD publishing systems, announced at the MacWorld Expo show in Boston that it is offering a customized version of Discribe, a native Mac application from Charismac Engineering. This software will be available on the Rimage 360i, Rimage 2000i and DL5200 disc publishers and enables Mac OS X users to burn and print CDs and DVDs automatically from any G3 or newer Macintosh.

Charismac Adds Support for Apple’s New iTunes Music Store Audio Format in Discribe

- Discribe users can now convert AAC files to AIFF for burning to Audio CD –

Auburn, CA 5/12/03 Charismac announced support for Apple’s new digital audio format, AAC (Advanced Audio Coding) today in their Discribe V5.0.36 CD/DVD burning software. Music purchased and downloaded from Apple’s new iTunes online music store is stored in the new format. Users can now simply drag and drop AAC tracks over the Discribe interface in order to burn the files to a standard Audio CD which can be listened to in all car and home audio CD players. Converted files can also be saved to the user’s hard drive in AIFF format for future use.

Charismac's Discribe Brings OS X Support for Iomega CD/DVD Customers, Offers Upgrade Path

- Iomega customers can upgrade to Discribe at a discount, burn CDs and DVDs on OS 9.2.X and OS X -

Auburn, CA --1/6/2004 -- Iomega CD/DVD customers can finally burn on OS 9.2.X and OS X thanks to a special upgrade program offered by Charismac Engineering, Inc. today. Charismac's Discribe CD/DVD mastering software recently added support for new and legacy Iomega (NYSE: IOM) CD and DVD recorders. Discribe is now offered as a bundle with a variety of new Iomega CD and DVD recorders. Iomega's previous software offering, Iomega HotBurn, is not compatible with Macintosh OS 9.2.X or any flavor of OS X. Iomega is now directing end users to this special offer.

CharisMac Discribe CD / DVD Mastering Utility Adds Support for 48x Burners

Auburn, CA – 6/12/02 CharisMac Engineering added support for 48x CD recorders in an update to their popular Discribe CD / DVD mastering program today. Discribe v5.0.18 adds support for the latest lightening fast 48x CD recorders as well as support for a variety of new DVD recorders. Discribe supports OS X as well as all flavors of OS 9.

CharisMac Announces Web Store Sale, Needs Help Moving Virtual Inventory!
- Macintosh utility maker’s expansion causes need for move, virtual web store inventory still in question. -

Auburn, CA (former dateline Newcastle, CA) – 5/1/2002 CharisMac Engineering, Inc., formerly located in Newcastle, California, completed their move to the neighboring town of Auburn today. CharisMac, however, has yet to move over the virtual inventory of their online web store. CharisMac has planned an online sale to help move the virtual inventory.