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1 Does my duplicator print disc labels in Mac OS 10.8?
2 Does Discribe support Mac OS 10.8 Mountain Lion?
3 I need the printer driver for my robotic duplicator
4 Does the single drive version of Discribe support my robotic or multi-drive duplicator?
5 The printer in my disc duplicator starts printing labels that are out of alignment
6 The .discribelicense has .xml on the end of it and won't work with Discribe?
7 My Aleratec Robo Racer CD/DVD duplicator isn't recognized by DiscribeRobotic in MacOS 10.6 10.7 10.8
8 I can't print with my Microboards MX duplicator
9 I can't print with my Microboards GX-2 duplicator
10 I can't adjust the print settings of my Bravo duplicator's printer
11 My robotic duplicator won't print a label on a disc.
12 My robotic duplicator is not recognized by the Discribe Robotic software
13 The Discribe license key doesn't work
14 How do I write audio tracks to a CD with Discribe?
15 Discribe does not recognize the volume that I would like to write from.
16 What are some of the typical questions that may be asked by a customer?
17 What advantages does this product have over the competition? Features & Benefits?
18 Does Discribe support Disk copying a Mode-2 disk?
19 Does Discribe support Disk-At-Once Audio?
20 List of Supported devices
21 What CD-R and CD-RW drives does Discribe support?
22 Does Discribe support ATAPI CD-R and CD-RW drives?
23 How can I create a bootable CD with Discribe?
24 What is the absolute minimal extension set I can use with Discribe in OS 9?
25 Discribe hangs scanning bus on Blue G3
26 I receive a sense key 03 0C 09 when using my Sony Spressa USB CD-RW drive to write audio at 4x?
27 I'm using an iMac (Rev E), iBook, or a G4 and I see crashes or hear repeated alert sounds at startup
28 Under Mac OS 9 sometimes Discribe or HotPlug CD won't see the Spressa USB drive?
29 I'm unable to extract audio using Discribe.
30 During boot time my Mac crashes before any extensions begin to load?
31 Upgrade Pricing Information
32 Why do audio CDs work in my computer but not in my audio CD player or DVD player?
33 Tell me how to create a Hybrid CD-ROM
34 Is Discribe compatible with iTunes?
35 Should I allow Mac OS 9 to prepare my blank media?
36 Using Discribe under OS X it fails every time I try to write?
37 Doesn't recognize Firewire drive in Mac OS 9.2.x
38 "You inserted a blank CD" dialog
39 Does Discribe generate a VIDEO_TS folder for DVD Video discs?
40 What is packet writing and does Discribe support it?
41 Does Discribe support Apple's AAC file format?