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Charismac Adds Support for Apple’s New iTunes Music Store Audio Format in Discribe

- Discribe users can now convert AAC files to AIFF for burning to Audio CD –

Auburn, CA 5/12/03 Charismac announced support for Apple’s new digital audio format, AAC (Advanced Audio Coding) today in their Discribe V5.0.36 CD/DVD burning software. Music purchased and downloaded from Apple’s new iTunes online music store is stored in the new format. Users can now simply drag and drop AAC tracks over the Discribe interface in order to burn the files to a standard Audio CD which can be listened to in all car and home audio CD players. Converted files can also be saved to the user’s hard drive in AIFF format for future use.

Using any iTunes music store authenticated machine, a user may purchase a song from the iTunes music store and then burn the downloaded file to CD using Discribe. Charismac is also requiring OS 10.2.5 or higher as well as QuickTime 6.2. Apple’s online music store has been extremely successful in its initial week of sales with Apple reporting 1 million downloads. Prior to adding support for this new file format to Discribe, users could only burn songs to CD from Apple’s iTunes.

When burning songs through iTunes the purchased files can not be saved as AIFF files to the users hard drive. Using Discribe, the customer can convert to AIFF and then save the file for future use.

Discribe V5.0.36 is available for $69.95 directly from Charismac Engineering by visiting the Charismac web site, www.charismac.com. A demo version of 5.0.36 is also available on the Charismac web site. The demo version allows users to burn up to 5 CDs with Discribe. Upgrades from previous versions of Discribe are available for $39.95, competitive upgrades from any competing CD burning packages are also available for $39.95.