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The Company

Charismac Engineering, Inc., with headquarters in Auburn, California, has produced and licensed quality software applications since 1986 for the Apple Macintosh and Microsoft Windows family of computers. Charismac Engineering Inc.'s award winning line of utilities include: the Anubis Professional Formatting Utility, Charismac RAID, RAID Toolbox, Discribe, VideoJet, Backup Mastery, PowerControl, CD AutoCache and FibreShare.

Our products are only half the story - the Charismac mission is to fulfill or exceed our customers highest expectations. Student, Homemaker, Business owner, Digital Audio and Video Professional, every Charismac customer expects and gets the very best products, service and support we can provide 365 days a year.

Commitment to Quality
Quality isn't an accident. It comes from rigorous product engineering cycles and 100% commitment of the brightest talent. We're proud of the fine people that are members of the Charismac team, a team which keeps on growing, both here in Auburn and around the globe. Our commitment to you is to keep Charismac Engineering in touch with its roots, and to keep giving our customers the very best quality products and service around the world.

Mission Statement
Make computer storage devices and media easy to use, high performance, and make the media and files freely interchangeable among models, devices and operating systems.To deliver quality software on-time and at a good value / price point.