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OEM Solutions

Discribe ships with select hardware from all over the world.


If you received Discribe bundled with your Hardware then you have the OEM version.

If your are a manufacturer or hardware integrator, please contact us directly if you would like your device supported.
Discribe 8 is the most comprehensive and mature CD/DVD mastering software available on the Mac Platform. Discribe has been in the market since CD/DVD drives were introduced, which means Discribe will support every drive in the market. Supporting the lastest hardware innovations from Apple, as well as the critically acclaimed operating system Mountain Lion - know as OSX 10.8, Discribe provides the ideal solution for one-off CD/DVD-ROM production. Discribe brings the world of multimedia to your fingertips, allowing you to create your own CD/DVD-ROM, CD Audio and mixed-mode discs for personal or professional use.

If it's CD/DVD duplication and production that you have in mind, Discribe fits the bill perfectly. With support built-in for the major producers of drives and CD/DVD autoloaders, your seconds away from having your own duplication rig.

With Discribe you can reliably archive valuable data, effortlessly distribute massive amounts of information, make custom CDs and DVDs or create professional quality multimedia demonstrations tailored for specific clients. Discribe allows immediate viewing of newly mastered CDs and DVDs on any CD/DVD-ROM drive. Discribe lets you write and play CDs or DVDs in a matter of minutes!


Contact Charismac if you would like to bundle Discribe with your hardware.