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Discribe Robotic v8

Specifically designed version of Discribe 8 built to work with most all Robotic Autoloaders in the market today:


What is Discribe Robotic v8?

Discribe Robotic is a world class burning application for the Mac. Discribe is the most mature burning packing available on the Mac. Discribe has been around longer than any other bunring Software. Discribe is the ideal solution for CD/DVD-ROM production with your autoloader. Discribe brings the world of multimedia to your fingertips, allowing you to create your own CD/DVD-ROM, CD Audio and mixed-mode discs for personal or professional use.

Burning made easy.

With Discribe you can reliably archive valuable data, effortlessly distribute massive amounts of information, make custom CDs and DVDs or create professional quality multimedia demonstrations tailored for specific clients. Discribe allows immediate viewing of newly mastered CDs and DVDs on any CD/DVD-ROM drive. Discribe lets you write and play CDs and DVDs in a matter of minutes!


HFS+, Joliet, Mac Hybrid File Formats - and more.

View your library by artist, album, episode, year, rating — any way you want. Find what you’re looking for with a quick search that reveals results as you type.

Archiving & Backup.

Turn CDs into digital music by importing them to iTunes. Organize your entire collection with custom playlists.


Blu-Ray Disc Support.

That's Right Blu-Ray Disk! (also known as Blu-ray or BD) is an optical disc storage medium designed to supersede the standard DVD format. Its main uses are for storing high-definition video, PlayStation 3 games, and other data, with up to 25 GB per single layered, and 50 GB per dual layered disc. The disc has the same physical dimensions as standard DVDs and CDs.

Blu Ray

Automated. Automated. Automated.

  • Automated Robotic use to restore Archiving and backup
  • Automated iTunes ripping of disc collections
  • Automated Disccataloguemaker creation of discs


Spanning. Digital Libraries Backed up with ease.

How would you like to grab your music folder and back it up in one easy step? How about your pictures folder? Movies? Data? Now you can with Discribe Robotic's large storage Archiving and backup feature, if the file and or files don't fit on a single CD / DVD / Blu-Ray disk, it will automatically span across multiple disks. Up to 250 GB of data can be spanned. If you need more, you need no limits! with the Discribe Robotic Enterprise Edition!

Digital Libraries

iTunes ingestion made easy.

Ingest stacks and stacks of audio CD media from your shelf to your computer to your iPod or iPhone.



Feature Summary:

  • Automated burning of CD, DVD, & Blu-Ray Disk (in supported systems)
  • Variety of Data, Audio and Specific OS file formats supported
  • BurnProof, SafeBurn and JustLink Enabled Support
  • On-the-fly Audio conversion
  • Ability to set pre-gap on audio CDs

System Requirements:

  • Mac OS X (10.4 or newer).
  • Mac with USB & Firewire ports.
  • Supported Autoloader (see above).

Available now on-line for purchase