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Iomega User?

Do you have an Iomega Drive?

CDRW / DVD-ROM Optical Storage
For the fastest and easiest way to save and share music, photos and more, choose an Iomega CDRW or CDRW / DVD-ROM external drive with the incredibly popular and easy-to-use CD burning software from Charismac for Mac users. Burn a 60-minute CD in as little as 3 minutes or watch your favorite DVD movies. And now with our new CDRW / DVD-ROM plus 7-in-1 Card Reader you have the advantage of high-speed file transferring between your PC and personal electronic device media, used with digital cameras, MP3 players, PDAs, voice recorders, Pocket PCs and much more.

DVD Rewritable Storage
Need a way to get rid of all those clunky video tapes, but still keep those precious videos to share with the rest of your family or friends? Or, do you just want to take advantage of DVD?s huge 4.7GB capacity? Then, an Iomega DVD+RW/CD-RW all format drive is the perfect solution for you! And all Iomega DVD drives include easy to use HotBurn CD burning, video editing and playback software.

If your Iomega CD-RW/DVD drive did not originally ship with Charismac Discribe software and you would like to use your CD-RW/DVD drive with Mac OS 9.2.x or Mac OS X (Lion) you can purchase the software at a special price. Please visit our webstore to purchase the software. (Be sure to read details to verify compatability before purchase)

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CD-RW/DVD ROM Plus 7-in-1 Card Reader
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Predator USB
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Iomega CD-RW USB
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