"Thanks VERY much for the upgrade. I have regularly praised the Primera Bravo SE and Discribe as offering superlative customer service - and your generosity is more proof. I use both 100% to produce DVDs gratis for a local non-profit that raises dogs to aid disabled persons so every bit of savings helps. Also, I've found the Bravo and Discribe to be among the most reliable products in my workflow. I am most appreciative."

"Thank you! This version worked perfectly"

"I really like the new Discribe Robotic user interface.  It is much more user friendly, which means I should spend a lot less time showing new employees how to use the Primera."

Phoenix Von Hendy

"fantastic product"


Discribe User Testimonials


Received Via Email:

"Perfect, many thanks!!! I love charismac for their quick response - that is real unusual, so my compliment!

all my best
- christof"


Received Via Email:

"Thanks for the very fast support - Discribe works perfectly."

- Lars


Received Via Email:

"I have to tell you that the Primera Bravo with the Discribe software is just a tremendous combination. It's probably the best equipment and software combo I use. They just work and work with no attention."

- Mike


Received Via Email:

"The new interface is not only beautiful, but so much easier to navigate! Thanks for sending that over. The upgrades on it are brilliant.

Anyway, everything worked very well so far. The first disc just burned and printed, so I'm up and running.

Thanks again for everything!"

- Alex

Posted on the Digi User Confrence Forum:
I also have a Easyquest Firewire CD-RW drive. If I turn on the drive after I have booted up Toast will see my drive. What I do is turn the drive on first, then boot up my computer. Have not had any problems. Also I would sugguest trying Discribe for burning you cds. I downloaded a demo and for me it works much better then toast. I just have been to lazy to order it. The web-site for it is CharisMac.com.


Received Via Email:
Thank you. Now let me tell you how much better I like Discribe, after Toast....let me count the ways. Oh No, that is another situation entirely! a little levity, goes a long way. Anyway, I am so pleased with that program that I have been telling my Mac friends how good it is, so you may get further orders from this neck of the woods!

Cheers, and thanks again...Doug in BC


Received Via Email:
From: Mike Montgomery
To: Support
Subject: Discribe

That version is a GREAT UPDATE. I love the new interface, and better yet, the new functionality with respect to multitrack CDs. Keep up the good work!

- Mike

Received Via Email:
your software rocks. i'm using a spressa ilink cd-r/w for cross-platform digital video and web production. i swap back and forth between the mac and pc using the spressa bundled software and your software is superior. good work.

Independent Media Producer
Textura Design


Received Via Email:
To: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Subject: Re: Discribe Upgrade Offer

I appreciate you keeping me informed of updates to Discribe. I have compared this to Toast and I like what Discribe offers. It is very user-friendly. When I first got my CDR I received a copy of your program... This works very well.

...I run it with the extensions on - I have no problem.

Thanks for the info
Ralph Russell